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Terms for the usage of the website of SRT www.srt.bg

Please, reed this conditions before using the website!

These conditions are binding and have the force of an Agreement concluded between "SR Technologies" Ltd. (SRT) as website owner, on the one hand, and any person that has visited the website (User), on the other hand, and by virtue of this Agreement the user is obligated to use the materials and the information on this website for personal/non-commercial purposes under these conditions.

By accessing the website of CPT, it is considered that the user accepts the terms set out below. In case of disagreement with these conditions it is strongly recommended the user to stop using the website.


    • The content published on the website of SRT is protected. All rights, even if not expressly specified herein, are reserved.
    • SRT is the author of all the publications and materials on this website. If a user notices a copyright infringement on this website he should promptly inform SRT on e-mail: office@srt.bg, so that SRT to erase the relevant publication from the website in case of non-achievement of an agreement with the author.
    • Copying, submission, distribution, reproduction, representation, alteration, partial inclusion, commercial use and storage of a part or all of the contents of this website of any form without the prior written consent of SRT, are prohibited and such actions will be considered as violations of the applicable legislation for the protection of the intellectual property.
    • When using materials from the website, the media and the business partners of SRT are required to fully adhere to the herein-described limitations and conditions, unless it is agreed otherwise in a contract concluded between them and SRT. Disclosure in the media of the messages and other documents posted on the website and classified as public  is allowed if the source is cited.
    • The users have the right to view the web pages in the website and to print extracts from these pages for personal use only, if they keep all the inscriptions on the content, and if not with commercial distribution purposes, except if this is with the prior written consent of SRT thereof.
    • Copying and use of the logo of the company is prohibited and any such action would be considered as hostile to the company.
    • Using the website in violation of Bulgarian or International law is prohibited.
    • SRT takes the due care to publish secure and quality information on the website, without claiming that it is comprehensive, accurate and applicable for a particular purpose. Errors, omissions and delays in updating the data are possible for which SRT is not liable.
    • SRT retains the right to revise the pages in the website or to cease the access to the website at any time.
    • For the convenience of the users SRT may build links to websites that are owned or operated by third parties or institutions. SRT does not affirm and is not liable for the information contained in these websites.
  • STATEMENT OF PRIVACY In case of enabling users to register at the website or to provide through this website personal data to SRT, SRT is making the following Statement of privacy intending to protect the identity of users who use the website:
    • SRT is a registered Personal data administrator and will take all reasonable care to protect users’ personal data against loss, alteration, unauthorized publishing or any form of abuse, if the website provides the opportunity for indication of personal data during its use.
    • Users can browse the website freely without being required to fill the registration forms and to bring any personal data. The purpose of collecting personal data through registration is SRT to make contact with the user for the provision of the requested services, or user to receive a prize in a lottery or in customer games, or for entering business negotiations, initiated by the user. The personal data will be protected and SRT will use only these data, which is received directly by the user.
    • The personal data once stored in the database may  be changed, and if the user explicitly requests deletion from their SRT, SRT is obliged to e them from the database.
    • Disclosure of the personal data supplied by the users to SRT can be carried out only in cases and in a way specified by law.
    • This Statement of  privacy can be changed, as the website is published date of this change.
  • PROHIBITED USE By submitting materials to the website 's server via e-mail or through the website, if such possibility is available, the user accepts the following conditions:
    • The materials may not contain anything that is against the law, contrary to the morals or in any way unsuitable for publication;
    • The user must be sure before sending the materials, that they are not infected with viruses, and any harmful or destructive characteristics of this type has been removed in advance;
    • By submitting a material to the SRT via e-mail or through the website, the user agrees not to take action against SRT in relation to this material, and discharges SRT from liability in case that a third party takes action against SRT in relation with this material.
    • The usage of this website is entirely on the user’s own responsibility.
    • All the information on this website is provided in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation but SRT does not guarantee its inviolability and security from malicious attacks by third parties.
    • SRT is not liable for the quality and condition of the connections to the Internet, as well as the functionality of the devices that support them from the user's computer to the server, on which the website is located.
    • SRT does not guarantee and is not liable, that the server that is hosting this website is not infected by viruses or components that may infect, harm or cause damage to the computer system of the user or lead to loss of information, while browsing, downloading or using the pages in the website.
    • SRT is not liable for any losses (direct or indirect), subsequent damages or lost profits, arising from or related to the access to the website and/or from its usage.
    • Installation of a link to the website www.srt.bg is allowed only after prior written consent of SRT. In any and all cases SRT is not liable in any way for the content, nor for the products or services offered on these websites to which website www.srt.bg could be connected through such link or some other type of connection.
    • SRT is not liable for the subjective perception and interpretation of the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the information on this website.
    • SRT reserves all the rights to modify these conditions at any time without prior noticе.
    • It is recommended that users periodically check this page for any amendments or additions of the conditions.
    • These changes come into force at the time of their publication on the website.
    • This Agreement applies until one of the parties terminates it. The user can terminate the Agreement by stopping the usage of the website of SRT and destroying all the materials downloaded, printed or saved in any way on his PC.
    • In any case of established violation of these conditions, the user will be  warned at first about the violation found, and if that user continues intentionally to break these conditions against him there will be taken other measures to terminate his access to the website and to the services that the website offers.

These conditions have been approved by Svetoslav Kostadinov, General Manager of "SR Technologies (SRT)" Ltd. on 19/11/2014.